Michael Maddaus

R2 Where Are You

By Michael Maddaus / March 31, 2020 /

Hello Friends:) I wanted to drop a note to share a story with you that I found really moving. I am enrolled in a speaking program called Heroic Public Speaking and as part of the program we watched multiple talks to learn the art of storytelling. One talk, R2 Where Are You?, was by Tig…

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Ground Hog’s Day Escape Plan

By Michael Maddaus / March 27, 2020 /

These days, with a bounty of coronavirus induced time on my hands, my wife and I linger more on our morning dog walks. With the arrival of spring in Minnesota nature is coming alive, oblivious and indifferent to the current plight of their human coinhabitants. Over the last week as my hand grasps the doorknob…

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Attention All Choices

By Michael Maddaus / March 25, 2020 /

Two weeks ago I had a plan. My future had an outline. I am a student in Michael and Amy Port’s Heroic Public Speaking grad school and I was scheduled to return to NYC in April for the fifth in-person session. Then I had the great honor to be invited to give two talks at…

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All Hands On Deck

By Michael Maddaus / March 20, 2020 /

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies, Margin Call, that rings true for these times. The movie is about the financial crisis of 2008 and how a math wiz at a financial firm discovers, in the middle of the night, before the rest of the financial world, just how worthless their holdings…

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How To Manage the Transitions of Your Day

By Michael Maddaus / February 28, 2020 /

Three months ago I got a Peloton bike. Overnight I went from a boring, 30 minute, mildly aerobic grind on an elliptical while listening to podcasts to getting my rear end handed to me by Peloton instructors, all in recorded classes I take on demand.  Yesterday my instructor was Cody Rigsby, a guy with a…

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Why Don’t Humans Have Fur?

By Michael Maddaus / February 16, 2020 /

One night last week I was on my evening dog walk crunching along in the crisp, 10 degree, Minnesota snow. I sat down on a bench in a wooded area by a creek and stared at the dark sky, the stars, and the bright white full moon that casted long shadows among the trees. I…

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How “Playing Actions” Can Brighten Our Lives

By Michael Maddaus / January 23, 2020 /

I want to become a better public speaker.  That seems weak. How about – I want to become a great public speaker. Better, but it still lacks serious commitment. Next up – I am going to become a better public speaker. Hmm. Come on Michael. Ok – I am going to be a great public…

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The 4 Hows of How To Practice Gratitude

By Michael Maddaus / January 3, 2020 /

In my last article, Why Gratitude Is A Superpower, I highlighted the power of gratitude through a story about a thank you note that my daughter Maya left me one morning. The note was simple, and very effective. The image of that note and her coffee cup, and the warmth it generated, will stay with me until…

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