Dopamine Projects To Weather the Dark Winter

By Michael Maddaus / October 25, 2020 /

The last 5 days in Minnesota have been very gray and cold. There was a winter snow storm that blanketed us with a 5 inch layer of white down that quickly turned into alternating mush and ice. All this and the leaves have not even fallen completely from the trees yet! Then to top it…

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Begin Again

By Michael Maddaus / September 20, 2020 /

Two weeks ago our family drove up to northern Minnesota to attend a wedding of Kristina, a young woman who grew up in our neighborhood and who is to this day a very close friend of our family.  Kristina is a force of nature, and consistent with her overall demeanor of anything is possible, she…

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How to Weather the Winter Weather Until the Covid Solstice in the Spring

By Michael Maddaus / September 11, 2020 /

As I was making coffee last Monday morning I absolutely could not remember if it was Sunday or Monday. I stood there watching the coffee dribble into the pot totally stumped. I had to pull out my phone to get reoriented, just like tapping the recenter icon in the Maps app. We all seem to…

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One Thing To Do, Sometimes, When Things Are Tough

By Michael Maddaus / June 5, 2020 /

Last week my daughter Maya and I drove to NYC to move her out of her apartment. She moved to Manhattan over a year ago with the excitement and anxiousness that any young person would have after graduation from college and finally striking out on their own. She lived in the east village, a funky,…

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How to Reverse a Blow Out

By Michael Maddaus / May 17, 2020 /

Have you had any blow outs recently? With yourself, something, or someone? Not the ones where you go into a hair salon and have them blow out your hair (which you can’t do now anyway). The personal kinds of blow outs. The ones where you have a temporary meltdown in your relationship with yourself, something,…

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Potentially Problematic Pandemic Peevishness

By Michael Maddaus / April 15, 2020 /

I have a Miele dishwasher. Who gives a shit you might be thinking. Or you could be thinking what a fool I am for spending so much money on a dishwasher (I would be in alignment with you on this). Well, in my opinion, you should give a shit because of the silverware tray. Keep…

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3 Steps to Smoother Sailing in Choppy Waters

By Michael Maddaus / April 2, 2020 /

Two weeks ago our internet service started shutting down at random times. One minute humming along, the next suddenly gone. In the past, in less complicated times, I have had to interrogate this problem over the phone with Comcast on a number of occasions. So, like a trained dog, I followed the algorithm burned into…

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This Could Be the Last Time

By Michael Maddaus / April 1, 2020 /

Given that I have a 65 year old body topped off with a full head of white hair, the thought “This Could Be the Last Time” has started to bubble up from my brainstem into my cortical awareness more often over the last few years, especially if I was doing something that I really enjoyed.…

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