All Hands On Deck

By Michael Maddaus / March 20, 2020 /

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies, Margin Call, that rings true for these times. The movie is about the financial crisis of 2008 and how a math wiz at a financial firm discovers, in the middle of the night, before the rest of the financial world, just how worthless their holdings…

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How To Manage the Transitions of Your Day

By Michael Maddaus / February 28, 2020 /

Three months ago I got a Peloton bike. Overnight I went from a boring, 30 minute, mildly aerobic grind on an elliptical while listening to podcasts to getting my rear end handed to me by Peloton instructors, all in recorded classes I take on demand.  Yesterday my instructor was Cody Rigsby, a guy with a…

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How “Playing Actions” Can Brighten Our Lives

By Michael Maddaus / January 23, 2020 /

I want to become a better public speaker.  That seems weak. How about – I want to become a great public speaker. Better, but it still lacks serious commitment. Next up – I am going to become a better public speaker. Hmm. Come on Michael. Ok – I am going to be a great public…

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Are You Trying Too Hard When You Meditate?

By Michael Maddaus / December 22, 2019 /

Just do it. The Nike tagline is symbolic of the American ethos. Go after it, try your hardest, and if you fail, get up, dust off, and try again. I love the phrase. I have lived by it. It has served me well. But, like many things, the idea is useful until it isn’t. Nowhere…

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Why Meditation Is Vital to Being Our Best Selves

By Michael Maddaus / December 6, 2019 /

Everything, absolutely everything,  starts with consciousness and awareness. In January 2020 a paper I wrote – The Resilience Bank Account (RBA) – will be published in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery. It is a practical and scientific review of 6 critical habits or skills (sleep, exercise, meditation, self-compassion, gratitude, connection) that have been scientifically shown…

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Are You Above, or Below, the Line Today?

By Michael Maddaus / November 25, 2019 /

Our best selves. We know it when we have it. We operate at a high level of energy, we are actively engaged with whatever we are doing, we are open to and feel warmth and compassion toward ourselves and others, we feel creative, ideas flow from out of nowhere, and we feel confident that we…

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How Sleep Cleans the Streets of Your Brain

By Michael Maddaus / November 16, 2019 /

Have you ever seen the streets of a major city being cleaned late in the wee hours of the night? In every major city, in the dark quiet of the empty streets, one can usually hear garbage trucks and street sweepers slowly cleaning up the mess from another day of controlled chaos. The same thing…

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Facing Childhood Demons

By Michael Maddaus / November 8, 2019 /

This week I listened to a Harvard Business Review podcast that caught my eye because of the title: Managing Career Transitions Part 1: Facing Childhood Demons with Jerry Colonna. It prompted me to share the story of how I exorcised my childhood demon. I was an only child. My mother was an alcoholic who relapsed…

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